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Our People

WISHH team fundraise with HUTH Harriers at Health Expo

The WISHH Charity is governed by its Board of Trustees, who are all local people volunteering their time to support the aims of the charity.

Ultimately, they are responsible for the management and conduct of the charity. They are here to support fundraising efforts, as well as ensuring all monies raised are diligently invested and disbursed in line with the wishes of the donor, department or unified with the priorities of Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospitals.

Our Board of Trustees:

  • Susan Lockwood (Chair)
  • Julian Wild
  • Martin Hall
  • Jacky Bowes
  • Deborah Adcock
  • Suzanne Kettrick

Together with trustees, nominated by the Hospital Trust:

  • Lee Bond
  • David Haire

The Hospital Trust also provides management support that the charity can draw upon so minimising the administrative costs of the charity.

This support is provided by:

  • Lisa Whitton (Charity Manager)
  • Rachael Fretter