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Fundraising at home

We know it’s a difficult time right now staying home with nothing much to do and we also know how hard our incredible NHS staff are working here at Hull Hospitals.   

We’ve put together a list with a few ideas of ways to fundraise for your hospitals without having to leave your home!  We hope you’ll find something you’ll enjoy doing here and something that will give you something fun to do while raising money for a fantastic cause.  Check out the gallery below for just a few ideas.


Whether you’re more Scary Berry than Mary Berry, baking is always fun!   Why not get your Great British Bake Off on and host your very own virtual bake off?  Get your friends involved and share your creations on social media and share them with us!  We love to see them and we can be your impartial judges.    And the best part?  You get to eat all your creations.   This is a fantastic idea for everyone including those with children.   Keep the whole family occupied, do something fun, get some tasty treats and support your hospitals all at the same time!


Were you signed up to take part in a run this year or are you just taking this time to try and keep fit?  Why not turn that practice into something good for you AND your hospitals?  You could run the length of a marathon up and down your garden or do a 5k on your daily exercise.   You could even try and rack up the miles over a few days and run the length of the London Marathon (26 miles!).  Who said a run has to be on a set route anyway?  Get those running shoes on! 


Why not host your very own karaoke night?   Get everyone online on Zoom, Skype, Facetime or your favourite video app and sing your heart out!  YouTube has karaoke versions of most songs free for anyone to use!  This is the perfect time for anyone to channel their Freddie Mercury or Lady Gaga and live their popstar fantasy.   Can’t sing? No problem!  Why not take a leaf out of RuPaul’s book and lip sync for your life!  Mime along to your favourite song instead of singing it!   This is such a nice way to get everyone together and have fun while doing something amazing for a fantastic cause! 

Arts and Crafts

Why not use this time to unleash your creativity?  Get the kids, the dog, the whole family involved and create some amazing crafts and sell them to anyone who is interested!   Are you a really good artist? Why not commission your pieces? We’ve LOVED seeing the rainbow trails and shout outs to our fabulous NHS staff in people’s windows so why not join in or go bigger!  Whether it’s finger painting or the next Picasso, let’s get colourful! 


Host your own quiz night!   We all love a pub quiz so why not get your friends together and host your own!  Whether it’s general knowledge or about a shared interest, this is a fantastic way to fight the boredom, get some time in with your mates and raise money.    Need some questions? Let us know and we’ll find some really tough ones! 

Book Club

Why not get a group together, pick a book and discuss it together?  Reading not your thing?  Try a film or television series! Share those conspiracies, laugh about your favourite moments and dissect every part of the story! 

Share your skills

Do you have something you’re really good at that you could share with people?   Why not host tutorials teaching people how to sew, cook, draw, play an instrument, etc?   Host some online classes for a small fee and you can share something you love with people who want to learn!  


We all have plenty of time on our hands now.  It’s the perfect time to have a good sort out of all those clothes, books, toys and everything else to find the things you just don’t need.    What you don’t need might be exactly what someone else is looking for!   Put your unwanted goods on eBay and donate your profits to our hospitals.   This is a great way to clean out those cupboards and raise money for our hospitals.    


Why not do something special with your birthday this year?  Ask for donations to support our hospitals for your birthday instead of cards or presents and help our amazing team at Hull Hospitals.    

The choice is yours!

We’re always excited to hear about new fundraising ideas so if you have anything you think we’ve forgotten, please let us know! 

If you’d like to take part in your own fundraising challenge,  please let us know so we can support your fundraising from start to finish!

You can get in touch with us by emailing or via our social media channels on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.  We love to see what you’re getting up to and we’ll share it on our page if you are happy with that!   

If you need help setting up an online fundraising page, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can help you set one up. You can fundraise using platforms such as JustGiving.

Good luck with your fundraising!